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Food Intolerance?

Get Tested today

A lot of people do not know that they have food intolerance and most of their symptoms are caused by that. We have have the solution for you!

Either 90 types or 270, we can tell you what you can eat and what you cannot!

1200 AED or 3200 AED


General health Checkups are life necessity .. not a luxury

Your routine checkups cost as little as 1.4 AED/Day

250 AED


A comprehensive set of 9 essential vitamin testing

The Profile  includes: CBC, Iron, Ferritin, Folic Acid, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous & Vitamin D 

600 AED

Hair loss problem?

Stop spending money on products without knowing the cause!

Where hormones and anemia mainly play the major cause for hair loss in females, we have customized 9 specific tests to see if your problem is physiological or due to other factors. Stop spending money on products without knowing the cause!

650 AED

EP-SAB Risk Assessment

Your Safety Matters!


Congrats! Now let us talk about your safety!. We can tell you from 5th week if your pregnancy is in the uterus or ectopic; and if you are likely to miscarry 

500 AED

Full Hemoglobinopathies Screen

Full profiling of your hemoglobin

More than Hb Elecrophoresis which can only diagnose couple of Hb diseases. Our new full hemoglobinopathies screen can detect more than 25 variants of Hb diseases and identifies them! Full mapping to your Hb profiling from 2 drops of blood from your finger :) 

850 AED

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